Thursday, September 15, 2011

Stephen Lendman, humanitarian US writer: "[WTC, 9-11] collapse at near free-fall speed, later proved (but unreported) by controlled demolitions"

Stephen Lendman is an outstanding anti-racist, humanitarian Jewish American analyst, writer and a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (see Stephen Lendman blog:: ) .

Stephen Lendman on controlled demolition of the WTC on 9-11 on the eve of the 10th anniversary (2011): “ A personal note. I was in a doctor's waiting room with others watching events on television. When the South Tower collapsed, everyone audibly gasped, unaware as I was how or why, let alone what lay next. When the North Tower collapsed 30 minutes later, unsettling thoughts crystallized enough to make me sense much more was involved than met the eye or what news reports claimed. It was almost anti-climactic when WTC 7 collapsed at 5:21PM. Notably, BBC's Jane Standley reported the event at 4:54PM New York time, 27 minutes in advance. Later she claimed she didn't "remember minute-by-minute what she saw," or perhaps (like BBC's management) doesn't want to explain how she could report an event before it happened without advance knowledge. Earlier in the afternoon, I smelled a rat and wrote my brother, saying: "They're drinking champagne in the White House tonight," precise words I'll never forgot. Yet they failed to imagine the horror-filled decade to come. Back then, the whole world watched the horrific spectacle, including planes hitting the towers, both bursting into flames, desperate people jumping out of windows to avoid incineration, and then collapse at near free-fall speed, later proved (but unreported) by controlled demolitions… As on previous anniversaries, they'll cover everything except what Americans most need to know - the truth.” [1].

[1]. Stephen Lendman, “Media manipulation of 9/11 truth”, MWC News, 6 September 2011: .

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