Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dr Elias Akleh: US and Israel did 9-11 for WW3 Global War on Terror

Dr Elias Akleh is an Arab writer of Palestinian descent, born in the town of Beit-Jala, who currently he lives in the US (see: ).

Dr Elias Akleh on US and Israeli complicity in the 9-11 atrocity (2010): “The terrorist attack of 9/11 had been used to launch WWIII called “Global war on terror”. The American administration had enlisted world political bodies such as UN, EU, and NATO to wage wars in different kinds of shapes and intensity against other countries; Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, Syria and Iran… Scientific studies and many investigations done by 911 truth groups have discredited the investigation of the 911 Commission. There are a lot of evidences indicating that 911 was a false flag terrorist attack planned by the power elite and executed with the cooperation of Israeli Mossad operatives (the dancing Israelis documenting the attack).” [1].

[1]. Elias Akleh, “The Power Elite, and Al-Qaeda”, MWC News, 15 September 2010: .

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